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Saint Bernadette Catholic School
Preschool - 5th Grade Elementary
1325 Wheeling Road
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
P: 740-654-3137
Extended Program
St. Bernadette School offers an extended day program (EDP) both before and after school. The program originated to assist families needing extensions in the school day due to work schedules. The EDP program is staffed by two licensed teachers, who have designed both enriching and developmentally appropriate activities (STEM experiences, critical thinking experiences, games and physical activities) for the students attending.
Individualized Instruction
St. Bernadette Catholic School provides learning environments that will maximize student success.  We recognize the uniqueness of each student learner and provide tutorial guidance and support. Importance is given to the child as an individual, not as a class. We focus on how your child learns. The content of our curriculum and the pace of learning is based upon the abilities and interest of our students. Our goal is to have our students reach their highest potential!

Kindergarten Readiness
To attend St. Bernadette Kindergarten your child must be 5 years old on or before September 30th. St. Bernadette Catholic School believes that while no simple factor can determine whether a child is ready for kindergarten, your child’s ability to think logically, speak clearly, and interact well with other children and adults are all critically important to success in school. A child's physical development also needs to be considered.

We encourage you to visit our kindergarten class. During your visit picture your child sitting in one of the chairs and joining in an activity.

The following readiness skills will enhance your child’s kindergarten learning experience:  Enthusiasm toward learning, solid oral-language skills, the ability to listen, the desire to be independent, the ability to play well with others, strong fine-motor skills, and basic letter and number recognition.

21st Century Skills
Students are provided with age appropriate opportunities such as STEM workshops, cooperative learning groups, collaborative groupings, and direct experience with technology (chrome books, I-pads, laptops, and Smartboards) all aimed to develop the necessary abilities to succeed in the information age.  Students are encouraged to go beyond literal meaning and think deeply about issues, to solve problems creatively, to work in teams, to learn how to use the ever changing technology.
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