NOVEMBER 18, 2021


There is a Mardi Gras planning meeting today, 11/18/2021, at 3:00pm in the school library.  Thank you in advance for you input to plan and enjoy our school’s biggest fundraiser.


Thank you so much for the generous donations promised for our Advent/Christmas celebration for the kids before dismissal at 12:00 noon on Friday, 12/17/2021.  We are blessed to be part of a very generous community.


Please pray for our 2nd graders.  They are preparing for their First Reconciliation on December 20, 2021.


Next Tuesday, 11/23/2021, will be “Show Your Buckeye Spirit Day” at St. Bernadette Catholic School.  With their uniform pants or jumpers, the students may wear an Ohio State sweatshirt, sweater, or shirt.   Go Buckeyes! (You might remind the students that in Ohio the week of Thanksgiving is traditionally known as Beat Michigan Week and have them look up some other fun traditions.)


NO SCHOOL for grades preschool -5th from 11/24/2021-11/26/2021.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Please discuss the following reminders with your students:

  • Students need to bring a water bottle to school each day.  We are not using the regular water fountains because of health concerns.  Please remind the students to bring refillable bottles each day.
  • In the cafeteria, we are seeing a lot of food wasted.  If your child buys the hot lunch, please encourage them to at least try what is offered and to only buy lunch when it is something they will eat and enjoy.  If your child packs a lunch, please send things that they will eat in appropriate quantities and remind them that they can bring uneaten and especially unopened items back home.  Sometimes the students choose to use their time at the lunch table for conversation and “forget” to eat, and then get in a hurry when the bell rings.  Thanks you for helping with this reminder.


Drop Off and Pick up Safety - Please pull up along the safety zone when dropping off your child in the morning.  If your child needs time to get out of the car, please pull into a parking space to allow them time to get out and then walk them to the safety zone.  Please be patient and do not pull around cars in the drop off line.  Car seats and seatbelts take more time with some children than others. We are asking parents to remind everyone to drive slowly in our parking lot at all times and to enter the parking lot at the top driveway (closet to the church) and exit at the bottom driveway. Pass this information on to anyone who might pick up your children.   Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.


Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Miller