September 15, 2023


St. Bernadette School Interims go home

Interims were sent home with every student on Thursday. Please review your child's progress, sign the report and return it to your child's teacher by Tuesday, September 19th, 2023. Interims for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters will only be sent to students who are not meeting a standard.


St. Bernadette School Mumkin Sale

Final weekend to sell Mumkins!! Online sales have been extended until Monday, September 18th, 2023. Your child still has time to earn a spot in the Silly String Showdown!! (Sell 11 items).


Alarm Clock

Busy Weekends! We understand that your family weekends are busy, but it is still very important that students get enough rest to function well in school. We are experiencing a few of our children falling asleep in class... especially on Monday. Please ensure that they get enough rest each evening and are awake and ready for a full day of school.

We also have a few students telling us that they are too busy to do homework or study.  Check with your child’s teacher about their homework policy and make homework and doing their best  work in a priority.  


Saint Bernadette School Dress Code Reminder

Dress Code Reminders- per our handbook


  • Leggings can be navy blue, black or white. (Gray is not an approved color)
  • Jewelry- small, post-style earrings only (hoops, wires or dangling earrings are not permitted.) Some of the girls have worn beautiful bracelets.  These are not part of the dress code and should be left at home to enjoy wearing somewhere else.


St. Bernadette School Playground

Thank you to everyone for cooperating with our closure of the playground for afterschool use from 2:35-3:30pm on each school day.  The teachers have been discussing expected playground behaviors in the classroom and several of the students have suggested ways to help people using the playground to play safely.  Please use this time to have the same type of conversations at home. The playground is due to reopen for after school use next Friday, 09/22/2023.