St. Bernadette Home & School Association enriches our student’s educational and fellowship activities by facilitating communication, fostering positivity, and organizing fundraisers. We are comprised of volunteers who generously give of their time, talent and treasures. We welcome you to participate!

Week of March 13, 2020

We are just $500 away for our purchase of mobile room partitions!! You can still pledge money toward our Bee Good to Your School items! Mobile partitions are needed to create quiet learning environments in any classroom!  We are also hoping to purchase shelving for our storage areas. Any donation amount is most welcomed and very much appreciated! Please send donations to the school office labeled “Bee Good to Your School”.

3 Sparkling Juice GRAB BAGS for sale for $20 each. You are guaranteed a bottle of sparkling juice, a Beanie Baby, a free Blizzard from DQ, and a variety of other food coupons. Contact Amy Woo if you’re interested!

Home and School Positions for Next Year
Now is the time to start thinking about next year! We need YOU to help lead our H&S efforts! Contact Amanada Hafford (amanda.hafford@gmail.com) or Alicia McVity (aliciamcvity@gmail.com) if you are interested or want more information. Things will go more smoothly for you next year if you spend time learning before our current officers move on. Being on the H&S Board is a wonderful way to give back and have a direct impact on our children and school!

• H&S Chairperson: open
• H&S Co-Chair: open
• H&S Secretary: open
• H&S Treasurer: Charlee Pollina

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